Vision & Values


‘Co-educational excellence for all, in a welcoming, friendly and caring community'

Co-educational, academic excellence
Alleyn's aims to provide co-educational excellence for ages 4-18 in a day-school setting, offering a first-class all-round education to pupils of high intellectual promise and academic potential, regardless of background, race or creed. 

A wide-ranging and vibrant curriculum and co-curriculum
Alleyn's aims to create and maintain an ethos built around an inclusive and liberal vision of education, which values participation in, and enjoyment of, a very broad academic and co-curricular programme.

Excellence through inclusion at secondary level
Alleyn's Senior School aims to offer places to those most able to benefit from an Alleyn's education, irrespective of financial means. It has a long tradition of attracting pupils from a wide variety of primary schools to join those from Alleyn's Junior School at 11+, and aims further to promote ‘educational excellence through inclusion' by offering a wide range of means-tested bursaries and scholarships.

A learning community and a community of leaders
Alleyn's aims to engage all teaching and support staff in continuing professional development and to exemplify a ‘learning community' for all. The aim is for all staff to be seen as, and to act as, leaders at all levels.

Close links with parents, former pupils and the wider community
Alleyn's aims to be a caring, friendly, happy community united by shared values and linked closely to parents, former pupils and the wider community. The School is supported in this by the Alleyn's Association and Alleyn's Junior School Association (parents' associations for the Senior and Junior Schools, respectively) and by the Edward Alleyn Club (former pupils' association). Alleyn's also seeks to be actively engaged locally, nationally and overseas as a force for the public good.

A progressive place of ‘godliness and good learning'
Alleyn's aims to be forward-looking and progressive but also greatly values its long-held traditions. Current activities and future developments are underpinned by the wishes of the Founder, Edward Alleyn, summarised in the Founder's Prayer that Alleyn's should be a place of ‘godliness and good learning'.


A: Co-educational, academic excellence for all
Co-educational We believe that educating boys and girls together enables them to gain the best preparation for further education and working relationships in later life.

  • Academic excellence We value academic excellence and aim to educate boys and girls of high academic ability/potential and intellectual promise.
  • Open access at 11+ for those with academic potential Alleyn's is rooted in its tradition of being an ex-direct grant grammar school, open to all with ability at 11+, irrespective of financial means. An Assistant Head has specific responsibility to promote Alleyn's bursarial places and 11+ entrance scholarships.
    Much valued close links with, and financial support from, the Dulwich Estates and Saddlers' Livery Company support this aim.
  • Diversity We deeply value and respect the diversity of pupils and staff and we welcome the breadth of their perspective from different backgrounds.

B: Broad Inclusive Curriculum for Each Individual
Broad and balanced education Though we allow for appropriate specialisation and strive for academic excellence, we affirm the importance of pupils being taught a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • Skills-based activities In addition to teaching a broad curriculum with a balanced content, it is the aim to help individuals develop a wide range of transferable skills (life skills, learning skills, etc.) to enable them to develop fully their individuality.
  • Individual potential Each pupil's individual progress is of paramount importance and personalising learning aims to help each pupil reach his/her full potential. All pupils are taught logical, critical and imaginative thinking skills through scholarly disciplines.
  • Holistic education We greatly value a full and varied programme of co-curricular activities and all pupils and staff are encouraged to participate.
  • Presentation skills and communication Activities in class and participation in group work, such as assemblies, aim to enable pupils to develop skills in the effective use of language, communication and presentation.
  • Visual, creative and performing arts All pupils are encouraged to value, enjoy and develop their skills in the visual, creative and performing arts (music and drama). 
  • Sporting activities - individual and team All pupils are encouraged to enjoy physical exercise and competition, developing appropriate sporting skills for a healthy life.

C: Spiritual and Moral Dimensions
Spiritual values Alleyn's deeply values tolerance and respect for each individual regardless of background, race or creed. It thus values this aspect of the teachings of all belief systems and warmly welcomes a rich diversity of faiths.

The Founder's Prayer that Alleyn's should be a place of 'godliness and good learning' is at the centre of Alleyn's values. The School values and respects all faiths and interprets ‘godliness' as 'high moral standards within a religious framework'.

In recognising the importance of the spiritual dimension of human life, Alleyn's is supported by a School Chaplain and a Foundation Chaplain, both of whom are ordained ministers in the Church of England. The School upholds, and seeks to be guided by, the values of the Christian tradition affirmed by its Founder Edward Alleyn, Weekly assemblies, termly Chapel Services and a yearly Commemoration Service and Founder's Day all support the aim to foster in pupils an appreciation and understanding of the spiritual dimension of life.

  • Moral values Alleyn's aims to promote respect for the moral dimension of human life, with individuals being conscious of making moral decisions in their dealings with others. Each individual, and any group within the School, is expected to demonstrate mutual understanding and respect for others.

    Alleyn's welcomes a rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures, all being mutually supportive, and setting high moral standards in working towards the 'common good'.

D: Community Involvement and Pastoral Care
Community within the School We aim to foster a very close and caring community within a culture of excellent pastoral care. An integrated structure of Forms and Houses, within Sections or Divisions of the School, provides a caring framework for looking after each individual. We are justly proud of our pupils who leave us with a strong sense of mutual respect, social responsibility, concern for the needs of others and confident in their own ability to make a difference.

  • Links with parents Education at Alleyn's is viewed as a close partnership between school and parents. The Schools deeply value their parents' associations (Alleyn's Association in the Senior School and the Alleyn's Junior School Association) and all pupils benefit from their activities and fundraising.
  • Links with former pupils Alleyn's pupils benefit enormously from the valuable links with former pupils through a wide range of activities including Careers, Combined Cadet Force, Games and Music. Many former pupils give careers talks and hold mock interviews for university and job applications. Alleyn's values all these links and seeks to build on them by developing and maintaining strong links with all former pupils through an alumni office at the School and with the Edward Alleyn Club at Burbage Road (former pupils).
  • Links with the Local Community Links with the local and extended community are under the dedicated care and leadership of the Director of Community Use and an Assistant Head with specific responsibility for Partnership & Community Links.

E: Leadership Training for All
Leadership training All pupils are given practical opportunities to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork, tolerance and compassion. The following, non-exhaustive list gives examples (in alphabetical order) of how this is often achieved:
. Charity Committee - raising awareness and fundraising
· Competitive sport
· Drama productions
· Facilities for the Community - pupils as participants and leaders
· House system - with all its different competitions in sport and music
· Lower School Chat - a pupil mentoring scheme
· Musical activities and concerts
· Prefect system
· Saturday School - a local community and partnership scheme.
· Thursday afternoon activities, namely: Volunteering, Combined Cadet Force, Duke   of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

  • Learning-centred leadership for staff Alleyn's is also committed to providing its teaching and support staff with on-going professional development and leadership training of the highest standard. All staff are encouraged to be critically reflective leaders/practitioners at all levels, whose own learning is of paramount importance.
  • Teachers are encouraged and supported to be engaged in research in education with the aim of improving professional practice through developing evidence-informed policy and practice in teaching and learning.

Alleyn's School is a charitable company registered in England and Wales. Company No. 09401357. Registered Charity No. 1161864.
Registered office: Townley Road, Dulwich, London, SE22 8SU. Tel. 020 8557 1500.