Housemasters & Form Tutors

House Email Contacts:                        Tutor Group Email Contacts:
Brading's (Ms Mary Nicoll)
Brown's (Mr Richard Alldrick)
Cribb's (Mr Karthik Sritharan)
Dutton's (Mr Nick Hughan)
Roper's (Mr Paul Cochrane)
Spurgeon's (Mrs Georgina Anderson)
Tulley's (Mrs Jude Fitzgerald)
Tyson's (Mrs Sue Mathieson)
Section Heads:  
Head of Lower School Mr Stuart Turner
Head of Middle School Mrs Mel Joel
Head of Upper School Dr Rob Atkinson









Lower School:
7CO   8CG
7ES   8HS
7JS   8JT
7MM   8NA
7MR   8NH
Middle School:
9AL 10BA 11AB
9BK 10CC 11ED
9GA 10JL 11EM
9GE 10KK 11JP
9IS 10MW 11PR
9MM 10PS 11SB
9SR 10RP 11SK
9WH 10TN 11SR
Upper School:
12AG   13AS
12AS   13BJ
12CF   13CD
12DH   13ED
12JC   13GJ
12JP   13ME
12KP   13MJ
12OB   13ND
12RT   13SK
12SK   13SL
12SP   13SS
12VR   13TS

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