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Lunches and Food

This week's menu

Food in School:

All children are provided with a school lunch. This provision is included in the fees. Junior School lunch is taken at 12.00pm.

Break Times:

The school offers children milk and plain biscuits or a piece of fruit at morning break time. Water is always available.

If you feel what we provide is not sufficient to keep your child going until lunchtime, you may supplement this with a snack from home.  Any food sent in to school for a snack should be healthy and comply with our Allergy Policy which includes being nut and sesame free.  Sweets and crisps are not permitted in school. During warmer weather children may bring a water bottle to school to keep in their classroom. This bottle should be one with a sports cap to avoid spillages and only contain water. Children may fill their bottle during break times but not during lessons. Bottles should be taken home at the end of the day, washed and filled for the following day. 

After School Care:

Children spending time in After School Care will be offered fruit from 4.00 pm.  Those still in After School Care at 4.45 pm will be offered a couple of biscuits to keep them going and the late stayers will be offered a small packaged snack i.e. Cheddars from 5.15 pm.  If you know your child is going to be in After School Care for a long period of time you can send a simple sandwich in.  They will be allowed to eat this at 5.15 pm instead of the snack provided.  Again this must comply with our published Allergy Policy. 

We ask that parents do not send treats such as sweets or celebration cakes in to school, regardless of the occasion.

Other Occasions When Food May Be Sent In To School:

Children who are taking part in an early morning sports club may bring a snack in to school to eat after their club has finished. Again, this should be nut and sesame free and should comply with the school’s Allergy Policy

School Lunches:

The Catering Manager, who works for the catering company Holroyd Howe, provides a range of good quality, healthy food that is both interesting and appealing.  and which provides a well-balanced diet for growing and energetic children, with a strong emphasis on fresh food.  Children are encouraged, through information given during PSHE and science lessons and through messages in assembly, to select and eat a balanced meal.  The menu is published weekly on the Hub and parents are encouraged to go through this with their children so that they can encourage and support healthy choices and options that their children will enjoy. 

On a daily basis we offer to all years:

  •  Meat or fish course with a vegetarian option.
  •  Potato and vegetable dish with  salad as an alternative option.
  •  Hot or cold dessert with fresh fruit as an option.
  •  Alternative choices  for Years 1 – 6 (Reception children are served their choice of the hot menu at their table).
  •  Choice of pasta or jacket potato with various fillings.
  •  Choice of sandwiches.
  •  Salad items.

Packed lunches are not offered as an option.

Please advise us in writing if your son or daughter requires a special diet on medical or religious grounds, or suffers from a food allergy - their needs will be accommodated.  Please also refer to our Allergy Policy for further information on this.

If you have a query about school lunches please speak to either the Headmaster or Deputy Head.




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