Job Description and Application for 2016 Summer Telephone Campaign

Advancing Alleyn’s Telephone Campaign: Background and Caller Job Description


As part of the Advancing Alleyn’s fundraising programme, Alleyn’s is holding a telephone campaign this July and this is your chance to do something worthwhile, earn money AND have fun chatting to alumni!
The purpose of this campaign is twofold: to raise funds for the School and bursaries, and to keep in touch and enhance communication between Alleyn’s School and alumni and parents.  Our former pupils and parents enjoy hearing what’s happening at the School – particularly from a recent leaver’s perspective – and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to help build closer links with our Alleyn’s community.
All alumni and parents whom we intend to call will receive a letter in advance letting them know that a recent leaver will be calling to ask them to make a donation to the Advancing Alleyn’s programme and to update them on Alleyn’s School’s news and forthcoming events.  Everyone will be given the opportunity to opt-out if they do not wish to receive a phone call.

Dates, Hours and Rates of Pay

The dates of the telephone campaign are set out below.
Dates of Commitment: 9th -24th July 2015
Day 1 of Training 10am – 5pm
Day 2 of Training 10am – 5pm
Mondays  6.30pm – 9.30pm
Tuesdays  6. 30pm – 9.30pm
Wednesdays  6. 30pm – 9.30pm
Thursdays  6. 30pm – 9.30pm
Fridays   No Calling
Saturdays  10am – 5pm
Sundays  3pm – 8pm
(In addition, callers will be expected to attend a fifteen minute briefing before each calling session.)
Callers will therefore be working approximately 24 hours per week at a rate of £8.50 per hour. 

Further Benefits

You will be trained comprehensively by Rux Burton, a marketing company specialising in telephone fundraising.  You will learn about running such a campaign from start to finish, as well as how to make the calls, so this is excellent work experience for almost any future career.  Because of this, Vicky Maxwell Davies, Director of Boyden UK, part of the Boyden World Corporation, a major global executive recruitment company - who is already deeply involved with Alleyn’s School, is actively involved in the campaign, too.  Vicky will act as referee, as will the Headmaster, for all callers who conduct themselves in a professional and reliable manner.  Such callers will also receive a bonus of up to £100 at the end of the campaign.
This is a tremendous job to put on your CV as it tells employers of the faith we have in you, and that you are willing to put something back into your school.


Callers will call selected alumni and parents to:
• Update them on Alleyn’s School’s news and activities;
• Engage them in conversation about their time at Alleyn’s School and get their feedback on events, publications, etc.;
• Ask them for a gift to the Annual Fund.
Callers will need to keep an accurate (and legible!) record of all the calls they make.
Callers will write short thank-you notes to alumni they speak to.
Person Specification
Above all, callers need to enjoy speaking to people and have an outgoing, pleasant and friendly manner: the calling should be enjoyable for both callers and alumni!  Reliability and self-confidence are important, as are tact and discretion; all personal information must be treated as confidential beyond the calling room.

Application Process

Please fill out the application form below.  Shortly thereafter you will be notified if we would like to interview you.  Interviews will last about 15 minutes.  If we then wish to offer you a post, you will be informed within a couple of days and offered a contract of employment to sign and return. The deadline for applications is 22nd May 2015.

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