Funded Projects 2015

Hockey Equipment
The Annual Fund supported the purchase of Pitch Dividers, Hockey Rebound Boards, Metal Storage Cabinets and Hockey nets for use on the new astro turf. These items are used by Alleyn’s School as well as the Tulse Hill & Dulwich Hockey Club.               
Music studio interface and upgrade
A functioning studio gives interested pupils invaluable experience in the world of recording and producing music, as well as being a useful facility to enhance Year 9, GCSE and A-level teaching. This equipment enables the department to set up an Alleyn's school recording label, releasing pupils' material through appropriate channels, and giving pupils insight into the world of Music Business.
Cricket net system
The newly configured cricket net system in the sports hall is a huge benefit. The old net structure was labour intensive to get out and put away which cut into teaching and learning time. In addition the old system meant all four nets had to be got out each time which took up the entire hall. The new net system is totally flexible allowing for differentiation of tasks within one sports lesson.
Vehicle for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and other programs
The new vehicle supports D of E as well as sports teams, swimming, golf, fives, tennis; dance and travel to concerts. It also does not require a driver with a D1 licence.

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