Funded Projects 2012

In 2012 the school was able to fund the purchase of the following items of equipment and co-curricular programmes thanks to the generosity of our donors:

Classics Department - Purchase of Skyphos


The study of artefact from the ancient world is an increasingly important aspect of our students' study of Classics and Classical Civillisation. The small piece of the Ancient World, a Greek Skyphos from Apulia, dated around 425-400BC has already proved a stimulating and inspirational teaching aid for our Classics Department.

GPS Trackers for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

GPS Trackers

The funding of these 8 trackers means we can ensure that we can safely and easily monitor the School's D of E groups who frequently venture in to remote areas. The trackers bring reassurance to parents and staff that students can be monitored at all times. If there is a major incident or students are lost, we will have easy access to them and/or the emergency services.

Alleyn's International Concert Series - Masterclass Funding

Masterclass Funding

We were able to give £1,500 to the Music Department to continue to offer instrumental and voice master class workshops for our students and talented musicians from local schools. These masterclasses, which have been offered in conjunction with the Alleyn's International Concert Series by such world class performers as the Endellion Quartet, The Dante Quartet and the Swingle Singers have proved of immense value to our best musicians.

PE - Power Plate Machine

Powerplate Machine

The Power Plate machine has proven success in fitness, wellness, beauty, sports and rehabilitation centres around the world. Originally developed in the 1960s as a fitness aid for Russian cosmonauts, whole vibration training was used to prevent muscle and bone wasting while in space. After this the Russian ballet dancers soon discovered that low impact vibration could aid the healing of injuries by increasing muscular strength. The Pro5 Power Plate is the entry level model for commercial gyms and it is claimed that 10 minutes on the space-age Power Plate is equal to a 60 minute workout. Our young sportsmen and sportswomen have found this an enormous aid in their recovery following injury.

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